Which degrees are recognized and can I apply before I receive my DEGREE?
Applicants are required to hold or obtain within 6 months of the interview week a university degree equivalent to a 
Master Degree (≥75% or German score of at least 'good', <2,5 of 5) including a written research thesis. At the time of application you do not have to have finished your degree. However students are asked to start their research project within 6 months of the interviews, by which time you should anticipate to hold your degree.

When can I START my PhD?
Students have to start their research project within 6 months of the interviews at the MDC. 

Does the program have language requirements and what is the program LANGUAGE?
The program language is English, therefore proficiency in English is a must. For your application, an English test is recommended but not mandatory.

Where and when can I APPLY?
Applications for the Int. PhD Program are accepted through the Online Application Portal only. The portal is opened twice a year. Exact openings and application details are indicated here

Which INFORMATION has to be submitted with the application?
You will submit information on education, research skills and interest, a letter of motivation and contacts of 2 referees. In the document section you are asked to upload a CV, university transcripts and certificates (certification is not necessary at this point) and if applicable the certificate of an English language test. English language Tests, GRE, etc are not mandatory but strengthen your application.

What happens if I cannot provide any ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST?
Proof of English language knowledge is not obligatory but rather optional. If you do not have such documents, your application will still be eligible.

What happens AFTER submission?
Applications are prescreened and the MDC faculty selects candidates for interviews in Berlin. Invitations will be sent about 5-7 weeks after the application deadline.

What happens during INTERWIEW WEEK?
Interviews and final assessment in Berlin include a short presentation of your major undergraduate research project, a panel interview, project presentations of research groups and personal interviews with your groups of interest. 

Will interview COSTS be covered?
All costs during interview week including travel expenses, visa, accommodation and food will be covered by the MDC.

What happens if I CANNOT PARTICIPATE in the Interview Week in Berlin due to time constraints?
Your participation is absolutely obligatory. If you are not available on that week, you would unfortunately not be considered for the selection process. Skype or any other alternative conference call options are not considered.

When do I know whether I have been ACCEPTED to the program?
Accpetance letters are sent within 3 days after interviews.

Is there support arriving in BERLIN?
The welcome Center at the MDC supports all students upon arriving in their first steps moving to Berlin.

How am I PAID?
PhD students receive a work contract according to the German public system including health and social insurance and pension scheme. The net salary of a first year student amounts to about 1100 Euro and 1627 Euro from the second year.